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Child custody suspended after infant tests positive for drugs

A small child remains in the custody of a family member after she tested positive for marijuana and alcohol at birth. Welfare workers went to work researching the parents' past and backgrounds to determine if they could care for the child. In California and other states, child custody rights may be suspended if parents abuse drugs and alcohol.

Child custody and the nation's opioid epidemic

Children with parents who are battling an opioid addiction often find themselves in situations of neglect or abuse. State welfare workers and family court officials must determine whether to sever the parent's child custody rights. In California and other states, children are often the victims of the ongoing opioid epidemic.

Co-parenting after child custody and divorce.

The end of a marriage takes its toll on everyone involved. Some stay married for the sake of their children, hanging onto the idea of a perfect family. Other couples often try to maintain a sense of normalcy for their children after a long, drawn-out divorce and child custody battle. In California and other states, couples are trying different ways to parent their children together.

Regaining child custody after release from prison

Studies show that black women are more likely to go to prison than white women, and more than half who are incarcerated are mothers to minor children. In California, to better understand how black women cope with regaining child custody after prison, an 18-month study was conducted by a sociologist. The focus was to see how women who were incarcerated dealt with poverty, gender and race that makes them more susceptible to interference from the criminal justice system and Child Protective Services.

Child custody versus addiction in California

Babies are born every day all over the world, but more and more are born to addicted parents and addicted to drugs themselves. If a mother tests positive for drugs and the father admits to occasional marijuana use and daily alcohol consumption, should they be allowed to continue parenting? In California and other states, child welfare officials are handling child custody matters such as this by allowing children to remain at home.

Children are often caught up in addiction and child custody

An estimated 8.7 million children ages 17 and younger live in a household where at least one parent suffers from alcohol or substance abuse. Reports show that most of these children do not have contact with child welfare services. In California and other states, most children will continue to live with addicted parents for the bulk of their childhood. Sometimes, child custody may be renounced if relatives step in and offer to take care of them.

Practices for effective parenting re child custody

It can be a struggle for anyone, after a relationship has ended, to have an amicable parenting relationship with an ex-partner. Some families in California are not only making adjustments to parenting agreements and schedules, but to their attitudes as well. While child custody issues can be challenging, successful co-parenting is possible.

Grandparents step up to the plate in child custody cases

Thousands of grandparents are stepping up to the plate each year to assume full-time parenting roles. Sources say drug addiction and alcohol dependence are the main reasons that children are being placed with grandparents. In California, courts are awarding guardianship to more and more extended family members in child custody cases.

Tips for surviving co-parenting after child custody cases

The relationship between parents can have a strong influence on the mental and emotional well-being of their children. Co-parenting after a long and drawn out child custody case is often the hardest part. Experts suggest compromising during co-parenting interactions, and creating a plan and sticking with it. In California and elsewhere, more parents are choosing to parent their children together after divorce.

Dad may be the new favorite with proposed child custody laws

Few things can be more devastating to a child than their parents divorcing. Lives can be changed in an instant, and they may feel betrayed by one or both parents' decisions. Some may have feelings of abandonment by the non-custodial parent. In California and many other states, dads are pushing hard for shared parenting during child custody arrangements.

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