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Alimony versus manimony

Studies show that over the past ten years more and more women are in powerful positions in the workforce and are earning more money than men. Because of this surge in their careers, some women are also paying out huge amounts of alimony to former husbands. In California and other states, serious money deemed "manimony" is being raked in by ex-husbands.

Tax changes may wreck havoc with alimony payments

For the past 75 years, spousal support payments have been a tax deduction for the payer. Now, because of a new tax code, alimony can no longer be deducted, and taxes will not need to be paid by the recipient. California and other states set their own rules about how much alimony is paid and when payments should end. Across the country, there is no consistency regarding alimony.

Ensure alimony payments with a life insurance policy

During a divorce, the last thing people think about is insuring the person whom they ousted from their life. In certain situations, it makes good financial sense to insure the other party. With alimony payments, courts may order spouses who pay to have life insurance policies naming the ex-spouse as the beneficiary. California and other states require the person's consent to be named on a policy.

Important tax moves to make about alimony during a divorce

Divorce is undoubtedly one of the most stressful times in a person's life. Just as stressful is the financial impact and the changes to one's tax structure. Experts recommend early preparation for adapting to those changes. In California and other states, payments for alimony and child support should be structured in a tax-savvy way.

Alimony tax break could be in jeopardy

The House Republican tax plan proposes eliminating the tax deduction for ex-spouses making spousal support payments effective Jan. 1, 2018. Current alimony recipients will no longer be required to pay taxes on any payments made to them. In California, the proposed bill may increase a family's tax burden causing serious financial concerns. If the bill passes, ex-spouses will be ready to renegotiate their alimony agreements with the court system. 

Tax changes could make alimony settlements more contentious

The process of getting divorced can be a draining experience -- emotionally, mentally and financially. While California residents are obligated to approach property and asset division in a certain manner, other issues such as alimony may be more difficult to agree to, especially in a contested divorce. Now, due to an upcoming change in the tax codes, alimony discussions may become even more contentious.

Alimony, divorce and insurance

Nearly half of marriages end in divorce, and the financial fallout may be significant. Couples not only face the task of emotional separation but must also confront the financial aspects. In California, legal advice regarding alimony, child support and even life insurance is critical, especially if children are involved.

"Flip or Flop" hosts battle for alimony

Since last December, fans of the HGTV series "Flip or Flop" have followed the saga of the show's hosts, Tarek and Christina El Moussa. During the Christmas holidays, watchers of the home improvement reality show were shocked to hear of marital discord and possible domestic violence when police came to the couple's posh California home to quell a disturbance. No charges were filed, but fans waited to learn if the couple would divorce and what agreements they might reach regarding asset division and alimony.

Alimony in California is important for many ex-spouses

It is a story that many have heard before, a person feels badly about asking for the money that they are entitled to at the end of a marriage. This leaves that individual broke and scared. This is what one woman is warning readers in California and elsewhere about alimony after her two divorces left her with no money and frustrated.

The Misunderstood Definition of Palimony

Many people think palimony is the money that a wife must pay her ex husband after a divorce. This may be because alimony has historically been associated with what a man pays his ex wife. But palimony, also called the Marvin Claim or Marvin Action, is actually a non- marital partner's right to financial support. This means it is the money or assets that are divided when a live-in (not legally married) relationship ends.

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