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Judge signs off on Anna Faris and Chris Pratt's child custody

Even for California couples who understand that ending their unhappy marriage is for the best, divorce can be an understandably emotional process. As with almost any emotional task, figuring out some of the more difficult details -- such as child custody, support and asset division -- can be even more complicated. One celebrity couple, however, has seemed to find agreeable solutions to these issues without much problem.

Chris Pratt initially filed for divorce back in Dec. 2017, and the couple recently finalized everything in early Nov. 2018. The couple will share joint custody of their 6-year-old son. Both parents seem exceptionally committed to their new co-parenting situation, and even spent the recent Halloween holiday together so that they could both take their son out trick-or-treating.

So how do they plan to handle child support when they share custody? Rather than either party having to pay monthly child support, Faris and Pratt opened a joint bank account for their son's expenses. They will both maintain the funds in the account and have agreed to alternate years on which they can claim their son as a dependent on their taxes.

The acting duo also waived their current and future rights to spousal support. Additional details of their divorce -- including property division and more -- are not as clear, but were likely addressed within the couple's prenuptial agreement. When California couples can reach amicable agreements regarding child custody and have the help of a prenup on their side, negotiating a settlement and then having a private judge sign off on everything can be a time and cost-effective approach.

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