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October 2017 Archives

Grandparents and child custody versus retirement and college

More and more often, grandparents are gaining custody of their grandchildren. The U.S. Census Bureau data reported that 2.7 million grandparents are parenting in retirement, and twenty-five percent of those families live in poverty. In California, seniors are spending a large chunk of Social Security and retirement benefits to cover the cost of child custody and trying to save for college expenses. 

Alimony, divorce and insurance

Nearly half of marriages end in divorce, and the financial fallout may be significant. Couples not only face the task of emotional separation but must also confront the financial aspects. In California, legal advice regarding alimony, child support and even life insurance is critical, especially if children are involved.

Child custody transforms into bird's nest parenting

Transforming a family from traditional parenting to bird's nest parenting may help ease the worry of divorce and child custody. It may also aid family members in adapting more easily. In California, divorce and child custody can add a burden of change for children, but this new type of parenting plan fits everyone's individual needs.

Property division and divorce are not fairly divided

Financial missteps during a divorce can have long-term effects if not properly thought through. Along with the emotional turmoil of divorce, financial mistakes can be even more devastating. This is especially important when it comes to property division in California.

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