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June 2017 Archives

California court makes decision in high asset divorce case

Many of our readers in California know that coming to an agreement at the end of a marriage can be difficult. This is true for a high asset divorce couple as well as for those going through one with more modest means. It can also be the case when one of the parties is a television star.

Child custody case in California adds an additional parent

When a couple in California decides to end their relationship, they may also have to decide about the future of their children if there are any in the family. Parents must decide which of the soon-to-be former spouses will have primary child custody. This decision can become an even more complicated when there are three parents involved.

Who pays student loans after a divorce?

One of the most contentious issues in divorce may not even deal with property or money. In fact, the division of debt may be just as complicated and arduous as any issue dealing with positive assets. With many marital debts in both spouses’ names, the responsibility to pay such debt rests with both parties even though there are different views on who should pay the debt. 

The Unique Considerations In Silicon Valley Divorces

Silicon Valley is the epicenter of tech-wealth and entrepreneurship in California (and perhaps the world). It has the nation's second highest concentration of wealth, and has become a culturally iconic place, immortalized in TV and popular culture. But even the country's youngest, brightest--and richest--minds have to deal with marital problems. So when Silicon Valley players are seeking to divorce, even with the assistance of quality lawyers and law firms, they run into a unique set of problems. 

The Misunderstood Definition of Palimony

Many people think palimony is the money that a wife must pay her ex husband after a divorce. This may be because alimony has historically been associated with what a man pays his ex wife. But palimony, also called the Marvin Claim or Marvin Action, is actually a non- marital partner's right to financial support. This means it is the money or assets that are divided when a live-in (not legally married) relationship ends.

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